Welcome D2H to the family!

Finally went back to digital photography. Didn't fall for the tricks of the industry and get something with the most number of megapixels. The last thing I'd want to do is to have mega megapixels, and have large RAW files that's taking forever to process. So this morning went for the first time to Nakano station on the west of Tokyo and found that Fujiya ( still has a D2H left. On their website search it seemed as though the D2h was already sold out a few days before. There were a few D2Hs but they cost twice as much at 230k Yen. So D2H it was.

First checked the auto exposure  since D2H were quite famous for failing exposure meters. Tried the 8fps continuous shot as well. Tried just about all features I can think of just to make sure its a good sample. Nothing to be concerned about, I'd even rank it 8-9 out of 10 in terms of condition. Only complain I have is the smell of cigarrette reeking out of the camera. Obviously used by a chain smoker before. Put the first few pictures thru Opanda EXIF viewer and noticed there were 36k shutter clicks on the camera so far. Not that bad for 3 years. Not low, but not high as well considering its a pro level camera. Will be fooling with it soon, and so far the AIS lens compatibility seems quite perfect.