Fujifilm F30 Firmware 1.02

Upgraded the firmware on the Fujifilm last night. Not sure if there's a difference yet but it seems that there are a lot of forum posting that complains about corrupted images, and how its fixed by Firmware 1.02. The one that came with the camera was 1.01. The upgrade was relatively painless, and no settings are reseted by flashing the firmware, which I was quite afraid of, especially when the numbering of the photos goes back to 1 from the 600+ that we have right now. If that happens I'll have duplicate photos with the same number. But luckily it was all good after the upgrade. So... as I mentioned, 600+ photos so far. and its an amazing camera. Like most websites have said, when you take it in the open with bright lights and large contrasts, you'll see purple fringing... but I see that with most point and shoot as well. Its just a small annoyance. But the low light performance is just great. The ISO3200 shots are ok at 5R or 4R printouts, just don't do 100% zoom or else it looks blotchy. But this allows you to take without flash even indoors, shown by the pict the wife took in the Opera Garnier in Paris, where even with a flash you can't illuminate the end of the large hall. With the Fuji F30 you get a ISO3200 shot that has just the right amount of detail left. I'm sure with a pro shooter steady hand and some support you'd be able to take it at ISO800 or 1600, but... 3200 will do.

Love the camera.