Back from Hanoi

Just arrived back in KL from Hanoi where I spent almost a week for holiday. Went to Halong Bay, and Sapa highlands, like most travellers to northern Vietnam. Had a few bowls of Pho along the way, some ok, some disgusting. On average Vietnam is cheap enough to make a Malaysian feel like the ringgit has some value after all. Although not as cheap as the cheapest place in China. Brought along my GPS, 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, a mobile phone (just in case, its almost always off), 2 backpacks, a wife, and a few hundred USD and that's enough for an enjoyable holiday.

Didn't spend too much money on souvenirs. Got myself a Viet Cong soft hat, more for the hiking in Sapa. Tempted to get American GI versions, but I'm sure they'll try and charge me a small fortune for what looks like a fake. Result of this trip is 559 digital pictures, 6 rolls of Kodak 400TX film, almost all pushed to ISO1600, 6 rolls of colour slides. Got the slides developed today, and the results are respectable except for a roll of Provia that was almost exclusively shot in the noon sun without my 81b filter, i.e. bleached out with too much contrast for a colour shot.

What would I pack different next time? I'll still bring my GPS... good to plot out all the nice places to eat and for trekking... I might keep the F4 body at home next time, and bring just the FM2. As for colour shots I'm thinking in investing in another digital point and shoot, and for B&W, nothing beats an FM2 with a wide angle lens. I think I might need a 24mm f2.8 and will bring along my 50mm. WIll need a 85mm f1.4 when I find one on the used market.