Filter Shopping in Hong Kong

Went on a daytime assault in Hong Kong, looking for the best place to buy camera related items in less than 3 hours before I had to catch a flight back to KL. Started looking around at the shops in Mongkok but didn't find anything interesting about the prices of shops there. Most of them are either a con or they fixed their prices. Saw a lot of tourists there, and although they had a reasonable stock over there (mostly at Sheung Wing), they had a general range, point and shoots, some professional photo stuff. But hey, if you want to just look at the pro Nikon D2 bodies or Canon 1D, then that's the place to go. Feeling a little disappointed, I made my way to a smaller shop along Nathan Road... Tin Cheung camera is hidden in an old looking shopping centre right outside Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR station. And it was a surprise... they sell quite a lot of used and new Leicas over there, and also carry a nice selection of tripods and tripod heads. The Arca Swiss B1 is slightly cheaper than Singapore, but looking at the box, I think I wont bother.

What was good in that shop was the price of the filters, especially B+W, which I DID stock up. The prices were about 10-20% cheaper than singapore and since its easier to carry, that's what I did. Bought a slim circular polarizer, 81B correction and 091 red filter for B&W. Managed to find my HB4 hood for 20mm f2.8 lens as well.

And it was good that there's a HSBC bank right outside the place so I dont have to pay extra for credit card (like most shops they charge 2% extra for VISA/Mastercard, and give you a little more discount if you pay cash).