Long day tomorrow...

The formula 1 is coming to Kuala Lumpur in a matter of weeks. Tomorrow there's supposed to be some pitstop event at the Petronas Twin Towers where the Sauber team will show off on the street. Will be there with a friend and will carry a bag packed with my camera and zoom lenses. Time should be between 2-5pm. Right after that, I'm planning to explore the area around Malaysia's Sepang airport. I've heard of the place around Sepang town, and there's supposed to be a nice beach there. That should be around 6-7pm already by the time I finish.

Right after that I will have to pick up my wife from the airport at 9pm. Looks like I might have to pack my lunch and dinner and will be a long long day tomorow! Too bad I will be using only film so there will be no quick pictures to post here.