My first roll of TriX developed

Developed my first roll of B&W film today. The process was ok except for some workflow problem, I didn't mix the chemicals before I start with the developer, thinking I'll have enough time, but at the end finding myself rushing to mix the right proportion of chemicals. THe negatives are drying and there seems to be some scratch marks around the first few frames becuase of the film picker. I tried to get the film out but the picker just doesn't work. Finally had to pry the film canister open to get the film out. The film I developed was a Kodak 400TX rated at EI400. Tomorrow I will develop another roll at EI1600 with all the tips I've learnt today.

The shop was out of wetting agent so I expect to see a lot of watermarks in the film when its dry. Ah well, can't have it all.