Fuji NPC160 & Velvia50

Got 2 rolls of film processed today. The first was the NPC160, and although the output was ok, I was disappointed with the quality. Didn't notice too much difference between the NPC and other consumer level film. The Velvia 50 was different though. The colour was as saturaturated as Velvias are known to be, and the sharpness, at least on a 10x loupe it looks real clean. There were what look like scratches on the slide I got back from Applied Imaging in TTDI, not too sure, that was a underexposed shot anyways.

Now I have a Kodak 400TX B&W film in the body to be pushed to ISO1600... nice to shoot with this ISO level when you're indoors without a flash. Just can't wait to see the grain on this film.