Testing F4s

Finished my first roll of Velvia 50 film today. Most of the 36 shots were used on sunrise shots, the way the sky turns reddish in the morning just before the sun is out. At the same time, I've just sent in my first roll of Fuji NPC 160 negative for processing yesterday at my standard processing centre in Taman Tun. Asking for the prints to be made in 4R with white borders, like I always like them to be made.

The Velvia slides should go in for processing next weekend. Until then, I think I should have tested almost all the features on the F4s and will get to know if its working properly when I get the film processed.

Otherwise, everything is ok, except the battery seems to run down rather faster than the other SLRs I've had so far. I think that's got to do with NiMH batteries being used and the switch in the battery compartment being set to LR6 (alkaline) and the resulting voltage difference. I've set the switch to NiCD already and we'll see with time if this solves the problem.