Nikon F4s is mine!!!!

Bought a third hand used Nikon F4s today from a nice gentleman in Pasir Ris part of Singapore today. Although the price is not that low compared to what I could get here in Malaysia for a battered F4s or even lower for an F4 without the MB21 battery pack, the winning bid in this case has an MF23 back attached to the F4. This turns the F4 into a machine that has a built in intervalometer, and you can do a lot of time related functions with it. Best of all, most special camera back can print dates and other stuff in the frame but the MF23 can print them BETWEEN frames. This way you dont get a time mark or date mark ruining the printed picture. Nice eh? Why a film camera in 2005? I just love the way F4s looks. There's almost no LCDs visible from the outside (with the MF23 you get a big LCD at the back) and everything is selected by turning knobs. Another big thing here is the way black and white films look compared to fooling with Photoshop for digital SLRs. The nostalgia of shooting film is just too bid after destroying my D70. Plus it doesn't hurt that the F4 is built like a tank.

Going to buy some film and start to stock them up. Lets see how I fare with this new camera!