Peninsular Plaza Singapore

Its my first day here in Singapore for the Chinese New Year and I've already bought almost all the stuff I need for developing my own B&W film. Cathay in Peninsular ran out of developnig tanks and they told me that they don't expect to have anymore coming in anytime soon, maybe never. Managed to get a cheaper plastic tank at Ruby Photo across the road, and some Kodak TMax developing liquid and assortment of other stop bath, fixers. Generally, I'll say that the setup I'll use is rather amateurish, but that's ok with me. Still doing it for the first time. Met a guy in the shop by the name of Peter Chew and in the world of Digital SLRs, its not often you bump into a friendly guy that still thinks that analogue films look better than digital shots. I have that same feeling too but I think the convenience of a DSLR far outweighs the quality part of film.

Oh anyways, sometime this week I should be meeting up with someone in Singapore, hoping to help him find a new home for his Nikon F4s with MB23 (at least that's what I think he has). The general price of the F4s on the used market is falling in the recent years with the F6 being released and most people moving to DSLRs.

I tested out the D2H at Cathay as well today. Quite a nice piece of machinery.. too bad the price in Singapore is still the same old price, around 40% more than the USA reduced price you can find lately. If I hit the lottery, that's going to be my next camera... camera bag with F4s and D2H is sure going to turn you into a muscle man.