Back to Basics

I've been dabbling in my old mothballed F801s ever since I've been crippled with the D70 bring service for the next few weeks. Tried to use up all the B&W films I've been accumulating... and just realised that there's actually something alluring about using film. I've tried to fool around with the digital files in Photoshop to get the same grain effect of a ISO1600 film, but just can't get it. Not yet anyways. At least for me film is not dead yet. Actually I'm on the lookout for a rugged film body. The Nikon F5 is just too expensive for something I use only on the occasional weekends. The F4 seems prefect and its about 15 years old. So far I've not been able to find one on the used market in Kuala Lumpur. Will be trying in Singapore when I go there next month.