Major Car Servicing

Had the unfortunate combination of squeaky suspension and worn out tires on my Proton Waja the last few months. Since the next few weeks will be relatively busy, I got out for the 75000 km servicing and got both the nagging problems fixed. The standard suspension is supposed to come from Kayaba and its crap as far as I know. I remembered just changing it last year about the same time and 365 days later its squeaking. Changed it into a pair of Monroes for the front and back. On the box at least its supposed to be made in Argentina. That's the last place I would have thought of for a country manufacturing shock absorbers! As for the tires, I had the choice of local Malaysian tires and imported ones. Of course the local tires are cheaper and it makes the car move as well. But the original Proton tires were Goodyear NCT3s, and after a year it hardens so much its a noisy ride just about anywhere.

Got convinced into getting Yokohama's C-Drive tires. Those are japanese tires and at least when it was installed this afternoon the rubber felt much softer than the one on the NCT3. Ok, bad comparison... the NCT3 was 3 years old when I changed it.

But the drive was much better after those changes... And my pocket was a lot lighter as well....