Blogging by email

Wordpress has this nifty feature where you can send an email to a special address and the server parses the mail into a blog entry. Problem so far is that there is only one possible category and its hard coded in the Wordpress options. That's a small problem. I've tried to send a blog entry from my office's Lotus Notes email client and what happens is that the entry includes a couple of redundant extra line which is just markup excesses that is not stripped out. Same for attachment. Wordpress displays the text version of the file (the hex bytes?), but then again I'd be really surprised if it can identify attachments! So no Lotus Notes email.

The convenience obviously outweighs the stuff above. Now there's no need to log into a certain web based system to blog anymore, at least for me. I'm just imagining the future where I can use my iPhone to email blog entries! Too bad the phone wont be out in Europe nor Asia till end of 2007 or even next year. I'm sure you can get it in the US before but I'm betting it will SIM locked to Cingular... that's another issue.