Coming together...

Bought the new PC in parts and surveying the prices in Low Yat to put together the following system: - ASUS P5P800 Mother board for Socket 775 Intel Processors - Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Socket 775 - 512Mb Kingston Value RAM PC3200 400MHz (good enough!) - HIS Excalibur ATi RADEON 9550 128Mb - Netgear 802.11b/g PCI card - Antec LANBOY aluminium casing with built in 350W power supply - BENQ CDRW/DVDROM (not DVD writer) - BENQ 531 LCD 15" (Cheap and good enough)

The casing comes with transparent side panels (not that large, but enough for the light to be quite obvious) and I've installed some cooler master blue LED fans in it.

The whole system is not meant to be super powerful but powerful enough and packed with enough quality components to last... well... 3-5 years? All in all, had a nice time putting it all together.... too bad it wont look that nice as a PVR. That I will need to use the Shuttle SB83G5 for it!