Maglev train from Pudong Airport

Was in Shanghai last week and had my first taste of the new Magnetic Levitation train that linked Pudong Airport with the city (well, not really the city, you still need to take a taxi to get to the Puxi part of the city). The stop in Shanghai is at Long Yang Rd, which is about the 4th or 5th metro station in Pudong after crossing the river. The ride cost 50RMB each direction, and if you're a passenger on that day, you pay only 40RMB. You've got to show the ticketing counter guys your airline ticket.

The ride is relatively quick. Less than 10 minutes to travel the 40 or 50 km distance. The train will reach a top speed of 430km/h and maintains it at that level for just a few seconds (maybe a minute) before it has to slow down. It goes so fast I'm surprised I was able to capture some image with my digital camera. On the way back to the airport, I managed to capture a movie of the trip at 430km/h here.

By the way, this is a windows media file (*.wmv)

Definitely highly recommended next time you're in Shanghai!!!!