NH922 PVG-NRT on 20 April 2008


Here I am listening to a tune on the iPod touch, typing out an entry to this site to be sent when I land, while my flight circles over the pacific ocean just outside the bay of Tokyo. We have made two loops so far and slowly descending, definitely the sign of being put on hold, whatever the terminology for that is. Funnel?


Flew over some nice geographical features over west japan, including a potshot of kansai airport island, some volcanic looking features, but Tokyo is very cloudy today. Mount fuji cannot be seen although I know it should be roughly there. Watched An Inconvenient Truth last night and the view from the skies takes ok a different meaning sometimes. Is that town going to be under the water in 50 years? How are all these urban features affecting the weather in ever little ways? Ok no time to think about this. Time to land, and the stewardess is already wondering why I'm typing out an email during the landing procedures.