Gmail day 2

Beginning to like gmail... click on an option and it appears. Click on the shortcuts on your keyboard (usually 1 key like 'c' for composing a new mail) and it appears just like that. Dont have to wait for it to take 10 seconds to load like other email systems. I've not used my search function (which is probably why it was created anyways) becuase I still dont have a lot of mails archived in it. You have a function to create your own labels and to label each email as well. Which I find quite useful. I have labels for "office", "useful" and others.

Its got other features like importing address books from outlook and yahoo mail, which I tried to use but wasn't working so far. Otherwise, all the mails you send out will automatically be inside the address book (the email address of the destination party, of course) and all you have to do is to go into the contacts page and add some names to it.

So far, its simple, its fast and its fun to use. The only problem is now I maintain 3 different email accounts which are accessible on the web... which one to retain!?!?!?