Bad highway habits

Travelling along a highway right now en route to Xian and just some observations and some do's and dont's.- Don't reverse your car on the highway once you missed your exit. Pretty common sense but any trip along the chinese highway and you're bound to  meet with one guy doing just that. Ok, the emergency lane will do but its plain bad habit. - Don't spit out of the windows. When in the bus don't spit in the bus either. If you need to regurgitate your phlegm, swallow it. Else wait till  you get to a rest stop. - Do car car pool. This has to be the funniest thing on the road. A small  truck stacked on the bed of a medium truck and in turn on a larger truck. I have seen two so far today, 3 trucks in one. If it saves petrol or diesel, why not? - Don't sleep while driving. Ok this one is quite serious, saw a car flipped over a couple of times. Not really sure what happened, but I guess sleeping at the wheel brings something similar.