Shopping in Singapore

Was in singapore last weekend. Bought a 52-67mm step up ring from Cathay Photo since they have it in stock. Another thing that was in stock was a 77mm 010 B+W UV filter. That's the MRC version. The last week when I emailed them it was supposed to be out of stock, but its in already this week. The service there is quite alright as well. The original quoted price was $10 more than what I got on email, but even without bringing a copy over, the manager of the store gave me that price after some explanation. Also bought a chinese made HDD that's able to read directly off most popular flash cards (CF mostly, and I think it works with everything except for the Memory Stick Pro). It takes 4 AA battery and you can load photos from your camera directly into it without any computer. Will need it when I go on holiday in 2 weeks time!