Lucky SHD100 Followup and recipe

Managed to find some time on saturday and sunday on a cold winters day in Shanghai to shoot 2 rolls of Lucky. Rating it at EI100 there was no special problem loading nor rewinding it on the M6. Development was done in a 2 reel tank with HC110b (since I have a lot of stock solution, well, in stock). Timing was 7 mins for 2 x 35mm rolls with inversions every minute. Temperature of course 20C. The negatives came out probably thicker than I would like to have. I'll try and reduce by 15-30secs next time.

The negatives are thin like most forums stated... you can tell that its thinner than most other european films, but one thing strange is that the new Lucky SHD100 doesn't seem to curl up too much. Surely not as much as Tri-X. I usually hang it up to dry, weighted down with heavier clips at the bottom, and still it managed to remain flat this morning as I cut the strips and loaded it into the Printfile negative holders. So far so good. Scanning is next and I'll report any particularities, if any.