SB800 Flash

After realizing that my SB22 flash doesnt work with the D70 anymore with TTL functions, I went out to get the Nikon SB800 yesterday. Had the choice between the SB600 and SB800 and the SB800 was 50% more than the SB600. Managed to negotiate a 50/50 deal with the shop, where I pay 50% of the amount of the flash in cash and the rest with my credit card. That for the same price as cash price. The decision for the SB800 was not that difficult. With the Nikon Digital SLR system, only the SB800 can be set as the wireless commander if you want to use it in a multiple flash setup. Which means if you need more than 1 flash in your setup, you'll need at least 1 SB800 in it so eventually I'll need to get an SB800 in the future.

Another reason for the decision would be that the build quality of the SB800 is better than the SB600. Can't fight this though, the SB800 is made in Japan and the SB600 in China.

Other than that, the SB800 has some extra features compared to SB600 like the strobe lights and also, as I heard some extra frequency channels when you use the wireless flash feature....