And so Shanghai it is...

Wonder if its a good decision to have. Earlier in the week I was expecting to spend the new year in Taipei, hoping to find some time to escape work to go to Taipei 101 to catch the new year mayhem (stages are starting to be built, including a largish PS3 stand), but meetings were postponed to the end of the first week of January, so I'm on the next flight back to Shanghai. When I got to Taipei's Taoyuan airport, the Cathay Pacific counter put me on an earlier flight to Hong Kong, meaning that I will have about 2 hours in Hong Kong for lunch, and a little bit of blogging before I get back behind the great firewall of China. They're setting up a large stage over at Xintiandi as well, but facing away from my apartment so I don't think I will see much of it from the balcony like a lazy ass. I'm sure its Hong Kong entertainers coming over. No idea who they are, but posters are everywhere. Doubt I'll bring my camera to the live variety, and it will be interesting to see the temperature drop below freezing like the meteorologists said it would. As usual, blame it on the Siberian winds.

That's it, I'm going to spend the next 30mins scouring eBay.