Singapore for the weekend

Thanks to a seminar organized by the company, I got flights into Singapore for this weekend. Spent some time after the office matters were completed to look for Linksys Singapore to repair my wifi router (power adaptor faulty) and then lounging at Peninsula Plaza to look at the camera shops there and hoping that I'll find the lenses that I want in one of the used camera shops around there. The repair of the linksys power adaptor was not that difficult. Did a quick troubleshooting and it was already clear that there was something wrong with the thing. The whole office was wired up with routers and wifi devices, wonder what they plan to do with all these off the shelves product switched on all the time.

Bought a new camera bag. LowePro Sideline Shooter belt pack. There were some Domke packs that looked quite nice but flimsy (not much protection to the camera if you're just dumping it around) but at least without the massive paddings lowepros have, it looked less "touristy" and its a little difficult to assume that you have a camera inside.

Was also looking for a polarising filter for my new 17-70mm lens, and ended up buying a standard Hoya circular polarizing filter instead of a better quality B+W. The price difference was a multiple of 3, I'll see how often I get to use the filter before upgrading in the future.

As for the used 50mm and 80-200mm that I was looking for, there were no stocks, at least not for the 2 days I was loitering around the Peninsula Plaza area.