Funny filenames and funny CF card

Another day to test out my new D70. Noticed that the file names of the pictures are starting with "_DSCXXXX" instead of the usual "DSC_XXXX". Googled a little and realised that its because I'm using a Adobe RGB colour profile instead of the sRGB setting on the camera. PRefer to use Adobe RGB since I dont usually print the picture out without any postprocessing in Photoshop or other graphics applications. Never trust the post processing capabilities of a camera.

Tried again to use an always faulty SanDisk 256Mb CF card on the D70. The pictures looked alright on the camera but when I take it out of the camera and use my CF card adapter to copy the pictures to the PC I always get a messed up file. It shows the right picture size but the picture always looked a little messed up, garbled actually. But it worked well when I connect the camera directly to the PC. I think I can conclude that its got to do with the pin connections on the CF and the CFcardreader. How and why I dont know yet, but got to be sure to use the D70 next time to transfer picture when using that particular card. All my other 128Mb cards are ok.