Price of film

The price of fear. Fear of not being able to find Kodak's tri-x film in Shanghai. The last time I looked, it was impossible to find Tri-X. They do sell them here in Hong Kong today, saw ample stock at Man Shing at Mongkok, only problem was that its 10hkd more per roll than the last time I bought it in Singapore a couple of years ago. Maybe its because things in Hong Kong has gone up in price. Maybe Kodak has increased the price of a roll of black and white film by 25%. But instead of finishing my ready stock in Shanghai, bit the bullet and bought 10 rolls at a premium of 100hkd from what I was originally hoping. Ok, its just 7 metro trips from Mongkok to Quarry Bay. Maybe its not that bad after all. Anyway, Kodak Tri-X costs 35hkd per roll today in Hong Kong.