Nikon D70 Prices?

I've been asked a few times on the price of the D70 here in Kuala Lumpur and the best place to find it. Well, I've not bought mine yet, waiting for something like August to get it but been keeping track of the prices somewhat regularly over the past few weeks. The cheapest I've found so far is around RM4100-4200 for the kit including the 17-70mm DX lens. If you think about it, the MSRP is about RM4700 so its ridiculously cheap, so cheap most dealers jus mention that its below cost. But true to typical KL shopkeeper mentality, at that prices most of the time there's no camera in stock and you're supposed to come back after a week. But that said, someone I know reportedly picked one up for RM4200 somewhere in town. I've not verified this yet since the guy's out of the country but... I will.