Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Domestic terminal

Awaiting my 0815 Shanghai airlines flight to Beijing this morning at the Hongqiao airport. Which reminds me, I've not been here since the move to Pudong around 2001ish. Even then, never had the chance to fly domestic in China (Hong Kong is not really included for me). As expected, its decidedly chinese, people do talk louder here, and there are hot water stations everywhere to fill up the quintessential tea flask. Surprisingly its a no smoking zone. At the front entrance theres a heavy air filled with cigarrette smoke as everyone takes a last pull before going into the torture chamber. Time to get from home to airport? The usual 20mins and another 20mins later I'm inside the waiting lounge. If all airport was this painless. I'm also guessing that the fact that its not even 7am now and its a domestic terminal has to do with the apparent efficiency. Anyhow, got to plan for my half day assault on the forbidden city, weather permitting.