Shanghai, China: Hengsha Island

View of Chongming Island Bridge from Hengsha Island This farming island is not too far away from Shanghai. A fast ferry from Wusong Port in Baoshan will get you there in 1 hour and a bit. A full circumnavigation of the whole island will take more than a day along the coast, but highlights of it can be done in a day. I've about had it with long blog posts, so this time for once, only pictures, no words. Enjoy...

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Wusong Port

Fast ferry service between Wusong Port and Hengsha and other islands on the Yangzi River delta

Fishing trawlers on Hengsha Island


Small ship repair industry on the island

Repairing fishing trawlers

Mobile phone number graffiti peddling services

Worker housing area

Styrofoam packages are common here. Only guess is that they are used as floatation devices.

Breakwater protect a small the perimeter of the island


Breakwater patterns

Island Interior

Chickens running around without enclosures

Farm houses on Hengsha

While running tap water should be available on the island, residents still make use of canals like these to do some of their washing...

Farm house

Leaving Hengsha Island