Travels: Shanghai explorer...

Ok, going to go around shanghai today by foot. Bringing a jack bauer-ish nikon tote bag, filled with my usual Ricoh GRD kit and Nikon D2H and the 40mm Voigtlander as default, and 25-50 and 50-135 AIS lenses as backup. An SB800 sits in the bag just in case. To handle the weight, the shoulder strap from my large Lowepro bag is grafted onto the tote.


9:49 am: It will be 11 mins to the opening time, and the queue at the xiao loong bao (little dumplings Shanghai is famous for) is starting to form. Crazy fellas. I am at the most tourist infested place in Shanghai, YuYuan gardens. Made it here after 2 hours going thru the old city, which unfortunately, looks like its going to be gone in matter of months and replaced with yet another monster office building or mall. Guess I'll get a dozen dumplings for lunch today. Got slinged on my next the GRD with the 21mm lens attached and set on b&w mode with med contrast. D2H is in the bag, sunlight too strong this morning, with hi dynamic range so not good for shooting digital.


12:34pm: Since the last post, had my brunch made up of a dozen xiaoloongbao, and the quality is just bad. Ok its not bad but dintaifung at xintiandi does it better. There was a guy in the queue in front of me with an iPhone.. Looks nice. Right after lunch, didn't want to spend too much time in the tourist area, so i walked towards the bund, and crossed suzhou river and walked along it on the north bank. Location now: 31.24265N 121.46095E. As I was walking a little earlier, felt a little pull on my bag, turned around and saw a chinese guy trying to unzip it and his hands was in my bag, first instinct was to punch him on the arm. Obviously he tried to play stupid. Lucky the bag didn't have anything loose to take easily. First time for me in Shanghai. Hot hot day today, Manu Chao playing on the ipod. Walked thru some back alleys today, small apartments were everywhere, barely as big as a medium sized kitchen, they live and cook on the ground floor, and sleep on the mezzanine, which is like a little platform placed 3/4 of the way to the ceiling. 2-3 people stay there, looks dark and claustrophobic in there. No photos for privacy reasons.


13:39pm: this is one slow day. With the noon sun there was not that many things to photo on the streets of Shanghai. I'm now on Nanjing west Rd having what looks like a caramel frappucino at Starbux. Had to get some caffeine jolt for the afternoon. Most shoots up to now are GRD shots. Street style with 21mm lens. Because of the large contrasts due to the noon sun, the GRD is set to b&w all the time. Only on occasions do I take out the D2H. Will be heading down south in a while after i finish my expensive coffee and have a go at Muji whose only Shanghai store so far is just next to me. Starting to look cloudy, I'm guessing the forecasted rain in the afternoon is about to come true, unlike most forecasts here.


4:15pm: What a nice way to end the walk around Shanghai, at the Xing Guang Photo Centre on Luban rd/Xietu rd. Will get some groceries after checking some used stuff. Planning to go back by taxi, not much more that 11RMB for that...


By the way, all photos posted here are copyright by me, and shot with the Ricoh GR Digital.