Photoshops at Shanghai Railway Station

Some months back the famed huang loong bai huo camera place near the main railway station was closed for renovation. its still in the same location, with some new granite floors and what looks like a new layout, and larger looking shops. The first floor is still littered with counters selling tidbits and nothing of interest. Not sure of the point of it all. Camera gears still start from the second floor onwards. 2nd & 3rd floor now has run of mill shops selling standard photo crap from major marques. There are a couple of medium and large format shops, but surprisingly only 1 used photo equipment shop. 4th floor sells only wedding dresses and make up kits. 5th floor nothing yet, all empty.

Overall impression was lukewarm. This place starts to look like a typical photo shop carrying the major brands, thus not too exciting. No voigtlander, no cosina. Unless they start stocking the 5th floor with used equipment shops, I'll stick to the store at xietu lu/luban lu.