Beefing up flash system

In order to expand my creative options, started to expand my nikon flash system with the purchase of a second SB800 in singapore from a guy through an advertisement on Clubsnap forums. Then, to complement the macro system I have been building up, i got myself an R1 system when passing through Kuala Lumpur. Was told its the last unit in Nikon Malaysia. Funny thing is that when you look at whats inside the big R1 or R1C1 box, there's nothing much inside. Most of the space is taken up by a large storage box/bag. The SB-R200 unit themselves look a little less convincingly built than the 800s, but works.

Wish i could say I've spent a lot of time with whats available to now, but was down with flu once I got back to Shanghai, so thats a story for a future post.