Vaja Cases (

Vaja cases make some of the best leather PDA cases out there. I was using one for my Sony Clie NR70V, and just recently I ordered another custom case for my "new" Clie TH55 which I bought from Akiba in Tokyo. I did find a case in one of the BIC cameras in Tokyo, but after getting used to a previous vaja, it was difficult to use anything else. Most cases don't fit well, leather smells of petrol, and looks bulky. This current order from vaja will take 10 days to ship, since its custom made, and probably another week or two to reach me here in Shanghai. I have done the same shipment to Shanghai 7 years ago for my first Clie, so there shouldn't be a problem. Shipping adds another 20% to the total price.

Can't wait for it to arrive in a month's time!