Travel Week

Left Paris for good on Saturday (10 Feb) and when I got into Singapore the next day, its time to prepare to travel again. I'm currently in Singapore Changi airport, waiting for a 8am flight on 12 Feb to Taipei for work. My clock is so messed up , I spent between 2am to 5am awake before its time to go to the airport.
Everything seems to be ok, except I'm not contactable at all for 3 weeks because of a little oversight. I got the old GSM SIM card I was using in Shanghai in 2005 sent to me from the office there, but just before leaving France I realised that it doens't work. Someone must have cancelled it and a check with China Telecom told me that it cannot be enabled. SO I'll just have to be contacted by email if there's something urgent.
Last food in Paris? Croissant from the corner boulangerie. Fine as usual. And a cup of expresso from La Brioche Doree at the airport. Nothing special, no overweight luggage, managed to fit into the 30kg/person allowance. 2 bottles of Castellane champagne was checked in and it survived the trip. Oh, the 777 that we took from Paris to Singapore was one of those newer refurbed planes Singapore airlines had and its great even in economy. Ok, you stilll get to sleep upright, but there's more leg room (5in for my long legs to the next seat!), at least 12" LCD screen, and the usual VOD movie library. There's StarOffice built in to the system as well, with a mini keyboard on the other side of teh usual tethered controller that you get. Simple, stick in your USB memory into a USB slot to save and access files. Tried to fool with it for a while, but I dont think its something you can spend a long time working on a large document. Its slow and its clunky to move the cursor with the arrow buttons. BEtter than nothing for those that doesn't travel with a notebook. Which is almost no one who's on a businesss trip?