One week left to the end of my time here in France

The movers are coming next thursday. I should be flying out of Paris next Saturday. What do I do with 1 week more to go? Most of the adminstration stuff with the moving is taken care of by the company, so lucky for that. I will have to cancel my Freebox internet/phone subscription and my bus/metro card but other than that, the other stuff is to think about what things I should buy to bring with the rest of the shipment to Shanghai. Clothing is one, but not too much since generally things are cheaper in China. Bought a bread machine as well since we're not sure if they sell a lot of them over there. Cooking utensils... they have it in China but at least I trust more the EU standards not to put dangerous chemicals during the manufacturing of things like non-stick pan (even from the same brand). So this weekend will be the last weekend for us to do last minute shopping.

Its a free museum day as well this weekend, but I dont think I will visit any this time. Museums are nice, but I find that after a few years I will never remember what I saw or learnt in a museum. Musee d'Orsay is something I would like to see, but I bet in 5 years time if I come back to France it would mostly be the same thing. So this weekend if the sun is out, I'll do a last tour on my bicycle to Saclay, Jouy-en-Josas and the rest of the places maybe up to Rambouillet. Maybe while I'm at it, I might as well pass by Versailles one last time on a bike.