Getting it up and running: Almost there...

Managed to migrate the photo albums to the new installation of Gallery on my new web server last night. I had the option to make a complete move with the comments, etc but that would have meant that I will have to play around with the SQL database backups since my gallery paths were a little different this time. Finally decided to go on with the import of the previous gallery structure only and forgetting about a SQL migration. Obviously no problem with the migration from Movable Type exported file into Wordpress. Everything seems smooth. Did as well a compression of the number of categories in Wordpress compared to my old MT site. Wordpress has this nice feature where you can set the default category, and when you delete a certain category, it will mark all the posts affected with the default category, so that you dont have to go into every posts one by one.

So the applications are now running. I think I'll do fine with just Wordpress and Gallery this time. The next thing to do is to work on the graphics and the start page. I think I'll start as soon as possible with a very simple text based front page while I work on the elaborate long term website.