Taipei 103

It has been some time since I did a pictorial on Taipei. It is a lot easier to do a pictorial than an editorial, and not forgetting the massive work I have lined up after coming back from Turkey and Henan Province. In the mean time... Should have done this long time ago. This week marked the first time I used Taipei's Song Shan airport, right in the center of the city. No queues, 15 minutes from gate to taxi (some exaggeration, no doubt, but almost feels like it!) and same on the way out of Taipei.

No pictorial of Taipei is complete without Taipei 101. So here is the formality, now on to the next...

Playground. Should I say more?

Ah yes, the bastardization of the word "professional" is everywhere. I have no idea what a professional coffee is. I guess as opposed to homely coffee?

I've said before, Taipei is a cycling city, but only because it has this cycling path running along the Danshui river. In this photo, Taipei city council tries to implement something similar to Paris' Velib system where public bicycles are available for rent just about anywhere. Except for now it does not seem to be really anywhere yet in Taipei.

And this is the bicycle path on Danshui river...

Some parts of the pathway, cyclists share the path with motorcyclists.

... and they DO go fast...

When I took this picture, I did not notice what the light blue graffiti was saying. I guess I do now...

Along the length of Danshui river, big concrete walls protect the city from flash flood. These walls have heavy doors every xxx km, so looking for the entrance to the river from the city takes some patience.

And so for the last photo of this set, I leave you with a picture of a solitary, but deadly electric chair. I wonder if anyone bothers putting coins into the slot!