American Classic 420 Wheelset

After thinking about it for half a week, I've settled on a pair of American Classic 420 clincher wheels for my bicycle to replace the broken Mavic CXP22 that was fitted out of the factory. 420_blk.jpg

The wheel I'm rooting for has the following specs: - Aluminium clinchers (ok, not carbon, but much cheaper) - 1450g in weight (much lighter than Mavic Ksyriums!) - Titatium skewers - SAPIM Laser spokes in 18/24 configuration for the front and rear

There are some reviews on the internet that this wheel is not that durable. But some of them managed to ride for years as a training wheel as well, so I'd say that the reviews are mostly mixed. Then again, even Mavics have bad reviews here and there, so I'm ready to take the plunge. I was hesitating between the Laser and the SAPIM CX-Ray spokes in the beginning, but I suppose its the difference between better and best spokes. Don't think I need the CX-Ray for my level of riding. I think I ride hard once in a while, but my hard riding might be nothing compared to the pro peloton that uses CX-Rays. Anyhow, they're anytime better than one of those stock spokes from Taiwan.

Now I just have to go out there and look for someone that sells this wheel in the configuration that I want.