Archivality (sic!) and Archival Sleeves

This is my take on titles that rhymes... a la "Sense & Sensibility". Got my shipment of 100 pack Printfile Archival film sleeves for 35mm films (7 rows of 6 frames) just yesterday and I was going thru the bible of archiving photographic materials, Wilhelm Imaging Research's excellent book on their site and guess what? Looks like low density polyethelene which the Printfiles are made of are crappy for storing photos despite what the stuff on the packaging says. According to WIR's observation, low density PE seems to stick to the film in high humidity storage after around 5 years and not forgetting that it tend to scratch the emulsion layer when inserting and removing from the sleeves! Nicely done.. now I'm left with a whole pack of film sleeves that might need to change in a few years.