eBay web interface too slow? Use this!!!

If you use eBay for a while you know how crappy it is to refresh the web interface in the last minute to make sure that someone doesn't snipe you in the last minute with that 0.50cent higher bid... I was scouring the internet for a realtime software that will allow me to look at the live current price and allow me to place bids without going into the eBay website.

Came up with JbidWatcher... which is a freeware as far as I remember. Tried it with 2 auctions last night and it works well! The update on the price is not exactly realtime, but the time is, and if you dont have that many items on the watch list it actually updates rather often. I'm having it set to enter my final price 10 seconds before the end of the auction... automatically. Nice software.

JBidWatcher: Java-based auction bidding/sniping and management software