Update July 2006: Freebox

Been almost 3 months since our arrival in Paris. Its also been almost 3 months since I posted anything on this site. What has happened since? Waited almost 2 months for our triple play service with, one of the many internet services over here in Paris. The thing that won them over for me? The free VOIP calls to Singapore. Ok there are a lot of TV channels (though less than in the US of course) but most of them you dont really think about watching at all. There's no Discovery Channel, and I think even if there's one its going to be in French anyway. So with the Freebox, and just with a phone line to the socket you get TV, Telephone and internet in a box. Ok, with the V5 freebox you need 2 boxes. One for the ADSL internet and another one piggybacking on it is the HD box for the TV. The telephone goes into the ADSL modem.

The cost is 29.95Euro/month and with that you get all those VOIP free calls and almost SKYPEout like prices for the other countries not listed as "gratuit". so far so good, but a little pissed from the 2 month waiting period with no news at all from so you have no idea if there's something wrong with your application or they're running out of boxes to send to you. I bet the reason is that they only have one guy in France Telecom's switching centre patching the cables for the new subscribers.... Who knows.