Thank you Boeing!

According to the inflight flight path on channel 99, I'm over Bhopal India right now. Yeah, got to play with a free 30min trial of Boeing's Connexion service on Singapore Airlines. On my way to Paris today and trying to time my sleep so that I can go to the office today and pretend to work. The signup is easy enough, almost like any other wifi service (by the way the AP SSID is Connexion1, and since I only have a 802.11b system, I dont know if it works in 802.11g). You enter your given free login and password, and then key in some personal details (just the name and email address, and forced to read some EULA crap).

Internet onboard is surprisingly fast. I was expecting something like a second more lag since we're probably going thru some satellite up there, but its faster than any land line ADSL crap they have in Malaysia. Ok, probably only have 20 more mins left so let me surf.