Paris Trip No. 1

Just got back to asia from the first trip to France. I call this the "fact finding" trip. Mission being: find out my schedule to move to Paris, if ever. It looks like its going to go ahead. The issues with the human resources are either ironed out or I'm feddup to argue with them over a few euro and a little detail here and there. Generally, this first trip is alright, except I got a little conned by the weather forecast on the internet. Either its my fault for being macho, or the internet. Whatever it was, I packed too little clothing for the French winter. My informal wear consist only of a fleece since I expected the weather to be close to 10C. Office attire is ok, I packed enough to survive an Artic winter. In the second week it was normal for the temperature to be anywhere between 0C and 5C during the daytime.

Will be going back to Paris again one last time Mid March to look for an apartment. That's in about 2 weeks. Right after that I have another 2 weeks to sort out the transportation and selling my car before moving over to PAris for a full year (that's what the contract says).

By the way, haven't signed the contract yet. but that should be no problem.