Le Tour de Langkawi

There's something jinxed about me. Tried to take some pictures at the Tour de Langkawi Stage 10 in Kuala Lumpur today, and it rained. Rather heavily actually, I'm sure if I had my D70 again at that time it would not survived. Luckily I was using an F4s. The first roll of film went very fast. Had it on Continuous high, and I think its something like 5-6FPS, so you can finish a whole roll in 6 seconds. Had to use it becuase it was getting dark already and even with ISO400 film in the camera I was getting barely handholdable shots with f2.8. The rest of the second roll of Provia was shot on ISO100 and the shutter speed was barely 1/8 sec so had to do some pan-shoot style.

Will send in the negatives for development tomorrow, lets see if I'm lucky. How I miss changeable ISO on a digital SLR!!!