Dec 2005 Update...

BEen a long time since I accessed this page. Lazy, not busy. During all these time, I've bought a Felt F1X cyclocross bicycle and fitted it with a wireless Polar Speed Sensor, with the Cadence sensor to come next. All linked to the Polar S625X HRM. Tempted to get a new camera as well (Nikon's D200 looks nice) but I think I can stretch my Nikon F4s + FM2n combi for at least a few more years. They still feel nice and 5400dpi scans of Provias are just amazing... nothing feels better than looking at a well exposed Provia.

Other than that, nothing interesting is happening. Working on a move to somewhere in Europe, but not really finalized yet. Will be spending christmas 2005 in Singapore this year. Driving down from KL tomorrow right after work. Might stay up to a week, and work in the office there in Singapore. SEe how it goes. Promise to update these pages more often.