LPs and MP3

Am back in Kuching for a holiday this week. First thing I did was to transfer some of my favourite records into MP3 so that I can listen back where I am most of the time. Talk about nostalgia! Just digitized Ce Ce Peniston's Finally, Janet Jackson's Go Deep in the Thunder Mix, and now I have Cassa De X in Dubfire's Deep Vocal Mix. FUnny to see BT and Deep Dish in a record, didn't know that it was them since I never read the record labels! Got another 30 more records to go before I finish, I'm sure there's not enough time to do them all. How is it done? From the record it goes via an Ortofon cartridge (the standard for scratching records in the mid 90s) into a Technics SL1200 turntable (the old grandpa of scratch turntables), into a Gemini PMX15A mixer (apparently Portishead's DJ uses it), into a Griffin Technologies iMic, into a Powerbook G4 and using Final Vinyl to digitize into WAVE file. Will do the conversion into MP3 back in Kuala Lumpur on the PC since its faster.