New Addition to the family... Ballhead and Scanner

This one should be grouped under gadgets, but what the hell? I'm in Singapore right now and just received 2 packages from the US. One of them is a new tripod head, the previous one a Manfrotto 486RC2 has been sold to a nice gentleman here in Singapore over the weekend (seems its quite a hot ballhead on the marketplace). What did I replace it with? Went for an Arca-Swiss type head, and got Kirk Enterprise's BH3 ballhead. I dont need something like the BH1 or a real Arca Swiss B1 sinc eI dont have a large 300mm f2.8 or larger lens for now. Had to change to a new ballhead becuase the Manfrotto head just doesn't handle the F4s with the 80-200mm that well. When you compose and lock the head, it moves a little since the whole setup is too heavy. And finally I received my scanner. Bought a Konica Minolta Scan Elite 5400 II from B&H in NYC and got them to send it over to Singapore. Got GST-ed for it ,as expected. Didn't send it to Malaysia beucase I knew that the customs dept there will probably try and charge me ridiculous levels of customs duties for it .The plan here is to purchase the right power supply here in Asia (the one that comes with the scanner is a US spec-ed 110V powre supply). I've called KM in Singapore and seem that you can get the power supply as a spare part. The scanner did feel a little light (made of plastic) and looks rather cheap. but at least when you get it from the US, its almost 40% cheaper than getting it in Asia.