Nikkor 25-50mm f4 AIS Lens

Just can't help it. Saw this rather rare lens from the early 80s in a shop in Shanghai and it was selling at a rather affordable price. At KEH its more than 400USD, while the price here was about half of that. Heard about this item from a bunch of websites. Including this respectable site (at least to me) by Bjorn Rorslett. Basically this lens seems to fit into my requirements. Have been looking for a lens that covers 24mm or 35mm range. I've got a 20mm, 50mm and 28-85mm for the time being. Don't like the quality of the 28-85mm for landscape. The max aperture f4 didn't affect me too much. For landscape, and with a good tripod, I usually use f5.6-f11 anyways. Sweetspot for this lens seems to be around the range I usually utilize. And for that range, this lens seems to outperform some of the prime or professional zoom lenses.

No need to think then. Bought it for 1750RMB here in Shanghai this morning. There were some dirt and blemishes on the front element but after a cleaning session with Pecpads & Eclipse, it was a good as new! Its amazing for a lens that's 20-25 years old! So far so good. I won't know if the glass is as good as hyped until I get my 35mm film scanner (yeah, been waiting for 4 months for one). Will see if its as good for walkabout lens. Its definitely heavy, and f4 is not enough for focussing on an FM2 and available light photography.