Warriors of God: James Reston Jr

Finished this book this weekend. Took me less than a week to finish, which is a first. Loved all these history books. The first book I read from this author was one called The Last Apocalypse, which was about medieval europe around 1000AD when just about everyone was thinking the end of the world was near.

This latest book I read is about the Third Crusade circa, well... 1180AD more or less. At least this book tries to be neutral in depicting the fight between christians and muslims for Jerusalem. He highlights the plus and minus sides of the two main characters King Richard the Lionheart & the muslim sultan Saladin.

What's irritating are the quotes from the troubadours... they're the propagandist of the era...

But then again, I usually take a few weeks to finish a book but this one was in a few days, and that says something.