Topping up film in Shanghai

Misunderestimated the amount of film I would need in Shanghai, and I only have 4 rolls of 400TX, HP5+ and FP4+ Black and White films left this morning. Made a trip to Shanghai Railway station and bought 3 rolls of Ilford FP4+ ISO125 and 2 rolls of Ilford HP5+ ISO400 film. Ilford FP4+: 20RMB/each Ilford HP5+: 21RMB/each

Since most of the time my shots are in the daytime and outdoor, I guess I dont need a whole cabinet full of HP5+ film. Usually I keep a lot of Kodak 400TX and Ilford HP5+ since most of the time I'm shooting night time using available light pushing the film to EI800 or EI1600 at least. My shooting style with b&w has changed a little when I'm in Shanghai.