Hong Kong in 10 hours

Finally.. managed to squeeze a daytrip to Hong Kong on my way back to Shanghai from Manila for business trip. This one is a little too long... 10 hours stop over in Hong Kong! I'm sure I can do everything I wanted to with less time. This is what I did today in Kowloon alone:1. Scout for Heart Rate Monitors... and of course to buy them at the lowest believable price 2. Buy magazines (other than time & newsweek its impossible to find english language magazines in Shanghai!) 3. Pack a variety of sandwichs from Pret-a-Manger for suffering wife in Shanghai 4. Eat wonton noodle 5. Buy my 5.11 Tactical pants from Mongkok 6. Window shopping at Tin Cheung camera shop in case they have exotic used lenses on sale

All that in 10 hours... by the way, stored my luggage and notebook at the left luggage counter at the airport (cheaper than the left luggage at HK Station) so that I can move quickly.